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Assistant Professor of Finance


School of Accounting and Finance,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



Noise Trading and Asset Pricing Factors  [SSRN]

with Shiyang Huang, and Yang Song, Forthcoming at Management Science

Best Paper Award: 7th Annual FIRN Asset Pricing Meeting

Media: ETF.COM, CityWire

The Smart Beta Mirage  [SSRN]

with Shiyang Huang, and Yang Song, Forthcoming at Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Best Paper Award: Eastern Finance Association Annual Meeting 2021

Media: Bloomberg, Forbes, Institutional Money Magzine

A Frog in Every Pan: Information Discreteness and Lead-lag Returns Puzzles  [SSRN]

with Shiyang Huang, Charles M.C. Lee, and Yang Song, 2022, Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 145

Psychological Barrier and Cross-firm Return Predictability  [SSRN]

with Shiyang Huang, and Tse-Chun Lin, 2021, Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 142

Working Papers

Inefficient Information Intermediary and its Asset Pricing Implication: Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market  [Download]

Economic Links from Bonds and Cross-Stock Return Predictability [SSRN]

with Jian Feng, Xiaolin Huo, Xin Liuand Yifei Mao

Remeasuring Scale in Active Management [SSRN]

with Shiyang Huang, Xu Luand Yang Song

Variation in Put-Call Parity Violation and Option Returns [SSRN]

with Chun LiuTianyu Wang and Yintian Wang

Insider Trading and Anomalies

Draft available upon request

Reaching for Dividends, Price Pressure, and The Implications for Corporate Dividend Policy

with Shiyang Huang, and Dong Lou

Draft available upon request

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